Studio TOIMII is an industrial design studio based in Utrecht, The Netherlands, founded by Peet de Vries in 2014. ‘Toimii’ is Finnish for ‘it works’.

TOIMII develops and designs user products and spatial concepts. Daily use products that work intuitive and fit. Spaced that feel inviting and inspire. To enrich every moment in simplicity and wonder. This we do by translating the underlying need of a question into a tangible feeling in function and form. To realise inspiring ideas and to develop distinct, sustainable solutions that work.

In product development we work together with different kinds of disciplines; from skilled craft to digital innovation. We examine how materials feel, how colours fit and how shapes are experienced in use. From there we design realistic solutions that fits naturally with the user, with attention to detail, so that it contributes to the experience and use of the product. In order to develop products that simplify and enrich people’s daily lives.

Visit our STUDIO website for an overview of our projects to find out more.

Photo by Daisy Ranoe